Lull Before the Storm

Some exciting things in the works for the Writers Cabal, so in the meantime I thought I’d point you over to Chris Bateman’s design document recently posted at  Neat to look at!

The game wasn’t designed to have a story, of course, but what if it did?  This is a great what if question.  If you had to rewrite this game document to include story, where would you put it?  If the company I worked for didn’t hold much stock in story, I might mention it in section 4.1 “Structure.”  I’d put it in section 1 if the company did! 

Anyone else venture to guess where the story section might be?

 Edited 2/28 for clarity — what was that I said about no more late night blogging?

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  1. 9. Appendix II: Stuff We Might Add Later Maybe

    9.1 Story?

    Firey the Fireball’s wife and children were taken from him tragically by the evil Count Firehose ten years ago, sending him into a pit of endless despair. One day, Firey the Fireball receives a letter, in his dead wife’s handwriting, telling him that he needs to traverse through thirty levels and burn all the flags, or she will never rest in peace. Grim and determined, Firey the Fireball sets off on his epic quest to burn some flags and try to earn a high score.

  2. This is an engineering design document. Notice that there’s no section for art (!) and only just a purely functional specification for audio. Anyhow, I’m thinking they’d put it in section 4.1.1 somewhere, so they can partition the story properly for use with gameplay motivation and the level/quest structure.

  3. There is no story in this game, but there was an art style document – just not part of the core design doc.


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