Writers Cabal Giveaway Conspiracy Wednesday

Welcome co-conspirator. By reading this message, you have proven yourself worthy of joining the conspiracy to create compelling games. Now the Writers Cabal must equip you for the secret struggle that lies ahead.

Find the Writers Cabal Wednesday in the West Hall, booth 238 at 2:38pm. We will be supplying fellow conspirators with gear for thirty minutes.

How will we identify each other?
The pass phrase is: “The lotus blossom is mired in jello.” We will respond with a specially prepared message. You must then show your loyalty to the conspiracy by sacrificing a business card.

When: Wednesday, 2:38pm
Booth: 238, Expo Floor
Hall: West
Passphrase: The lotus blossom is mired in jello.

The Game
As a fully inducted conspirator, you will have more opportunities to earn swag.

1. Equip yourself with what what we give you. If you find us while wearing it, we will bestow upon you a gift from our sponsors. Note: Other conspirators may know where to find us. You will recognize them by their obviously non-suspicious gear and their shifty eyes.

2. You will be given a secret message that you may use to recruit others. If a new conspirator arrives with your message, you will be eligible for additional prizes.

On the final day, be among the first to arrive with your safeguarded Writers Cabal business card and you will receive your reward.

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