…but perhaps you feel like an animator?

It’s apparently “See what the other guy is doing” week on the Writers Cabal blog.  Recently, an animators’ comment on the poor quality of animation scripts naturally riled up some animation writers.  A particular bone of contention was having to extensively revise a writer’s script so that it could, you know, actually be produced.  The animator’s point reminded me of some developers’ complaints, and I have been among them, that some games writers just didn’t seem to understand the medium.  

Many of you have no doubt witnessed a battle between designers and engineers.  As developers outsource more and more, is the battle between writers and designers far behind? One 20-year veteran of the animation industry concluded that animators and writers would never get along, so let’s hope not.  And while we’re hoping, let’s prevent it from starting:

Helping the Writer Get It Part 1
Helping the Writer Get It Part 2
Helping the Writer Get It Part 3

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