Music, Meet Writing

The Writers Cabal headed out to New Jersey on Saturday to listen to producer Chris Peterson of Heavy Melody Music and Sound talk about voiceovers. His presentation immediately got us thinking about the times we wrote song lyrics for game characters without even knowing the music for the song. Chris, for his part, was challenged by the fact that most lyrics were already inside the game by the time he stepped in to record, so he was unable to give feedback to the writers on lyrics that just didn’t sing. Both sides of the equation felt somewhat frustrated by not being able to communicate with each other.

The solution seems obvious. When outsourcing writing and/or sound, introduce your writers and sound designers to each other. Most will welcome the opportunity to collaborate more closely or at least be a resource for each other. Doing so will help both your writers and your sound designers “get it.”

Question Mark Chris Peterson’s favorite line of game dialog: “Fatality.” Stay tuned to the next post to find out where it came from and for a new line!

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  1. […] dialog can be written well but not delivered well.  Even if the dialog is out-of-this-world, poor voice-acting, engine limitations, or mismatched animation can hamper the performance.  Many game developers do […]

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