What’s Important in Fantasy Storytelling and Game Design?

More from the Writing For Fantasy Game Worlds panel, presented by Writers Cabal and IGDA NYC:

How do you build a believable fantasy world? How do you approach a cherished property like The Lord of the Rings?

More importantly, how do you avoid telling the same old fantasy story?

Question Mark Last week’s game dialog was from the game Myst.

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  2. One of the hardest things is coming up with something original, since as many people say, it has all been done before in some way or another. The only real thing that you can do in the long run is put a few new twists on it. There’s almost always a new twist that you can put on something to make it seem totally original.

    There are a number of cliches that you should stay away from, but I won’t bother trying to list them all here. For the purposes of story, though, for example, you wouldn’t want to start with a character waking up. It’s horrendously overdone, but if you could figure out how to put a twist on it, you might have something. :-p

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