Q & A from Writing for Fantasy Game Worlds

More from the Writing For Fantasy Game Worlds panel, presented by Writers Cabal and IGDA NYC:

Part 1: Player Death in RPGs
MMO death/consequences, earned death, computer vs. human rules

Part 2: Moral Choices in RPGs
Moral choices, breaking into industry as a game writer, teaching moral ethics

Part 3: Future of Story-Driven Games

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  1. […] though the game was inspired by a linear medium, the game itself is a great example of how to offer branching narrative with non-trivial choice. Read on only if you’re willing to read spoilers of the […]

  2. […] Our first workshop: Writing for Fantasy Game Worlds  Why does Fantasy Resonate with Modern Audiences? What is Lacking in Fantasy Computer RPGs? What’s Important in Fantasy Storytelling and Game Design? Q & A from Writing for Fantasy Game Worlds […]

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