4 tips for game developers working with virtual teams

Many game developers have been working with contract or remote writers for years, but not everyone has caught on. Of course, we think it’s a fabulous idea, but don’t just take it from us. John Say of Say Design described his experience running a virtual development studio in the latest issue of Casual Connect Magazine. We’ve culled a few tips from his experience that will help you work with your contract writers.

1. Trust your team– by keeping them accountable. Ensure that you’ll get what you need by requiring regular updates and status reports, whether weekly or as often as you need. On our end, we appreciate setting clear expectations and welcome opportunities for feedback.

2. Maintain a common vision. A diversified, yet specialized team can create great results, as long as everyone stays on the same track.

3. Create as many opportunities for face-to-face interaction as possible. Not all meetings need to be at work either — consider informal gatherings at a home or fun outings. We’d like to add that fun, social interactions need not be limited to face-to-face interactions — telephone or Skype often work quite well.

4. Hire team members experienced with remote projects. You’ll definitely want someone who already is well-versed in online tools and can navigate communicating with remote co-workers.

Say’s suggestions grew from working on small projects to more complex ones, and we find they hold true on just about any game. How would you use these tips on your game?

Question Mark Last week’s game dialog came from Ryudo in Grandia II. More Guess that Game Dialog to come!

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