Top 5 excuses for not hiring a game writer

Melanie Strick, a business consultant, came up with five reasons businesses don’t hire people for their team, and I thought these excuses might be equally applicable in the game industry. See if you recognize yourself or someone you know.

1. You think you can write just as well as or better than someone else
Many game developers write their own story and dialog. This practice leads to expending a lot of energy on something you may not want to do. We’re working on a project right now because the producers got tired of doing the work of a writer and a producer. In the end, don’t do it because you can do it better. Outsource it, so you can do what you really want to do.

2. You don’t have enough time to find someone to do it
Just imagine how much time you’ll save by finding the right person to do the job all the way through.

3. You are afraid of losing control
You can train anyone to do your work according to your needs and specifications.

4. You believe you will not be able to manage people
You may very well have someone else in your company who’s able to manage your new team members. Furthermore, the people you hire may even be able to help you manage themselves.

5. You think you can’t afford it
You save money by outsourcing your weaknesses or low-payoff activities and focusing on your strengths. Would you rather spend your time sprucing up dialog or finding investors?

Any other excuses you can think of? Or do you think this list doesn’t apply to the game industry?

Question Mark Guess that game dialog! Today’s line: “Spare me the moral story and lead me to his throat.

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