AGDC 2007: Game writer panels galore

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In the interest of equal opportunity, we’d like to point out a few write-ups of writing panels that are occurring in Austin this week.  Did you think we forgot?  Oh, and don’t worry — we’re not turning into a news service, but we can make an exception this one time.

BioWare Charts Writing For Mass Effect
Bringing in writers from Day 1

The Medium is the Massage
The importance of working with talented writers who understand the medium

Five Things Game Writers Can Learn From Star Trek
He forgot to mention that just about all ills can be cured by a trip through the teleporter.

One writer’s impressions of AGDC
Best quote: “No One. Knows. Anything.”

Writing for Someone Else’s Game
A WGA writer or two talk about contract writing, but begs the question — why aren’t they taking ownership of the games they’re working on?  Unless you’re Will Wright, just about everyone is technically working on someone else’s game.  Maybe the title of the article is not in fact the title of the panel.  I sure hope so.

Anyone else want to weigh in with their impressions of AGDC this year?  Why not vote for more game writing panels at South by Southwest by clicking here.  

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  1. “He forgot to mention that just about all ills can be cured by a trip through the teleporter.”

    Don’t forget the other two universal curealls from the Star Trek universe: the holodeck and the main deflector dish.

  2. I would have mentioned that in my response comment in item 9, “Deus Ex Machina Endings Are Not Anathema to Successful Writing After All” but ran out of time.

    I did leave a response to the article here:

  3. Hi there,

    I’m have very little experience with designing games and have been recently thinking about buying
    “The 3-D Game Maker” (made by The GameCreators). It requires no programming language or complex code, which seems perfect for someone my age (14). However, the most recent review seems to be from 2001, which I find odd. Is this program any good? Or is there anything out there that’s better? I am interested in making RPGs, in particular those that feature fantasy scenarios/characters. I welcome your advice.

    Please help if you can,


  4. Hi Liam!

    I haven’t ever used anything like 3-D Game Maker. You could practice game design by designing your own pen-and-paper or board games, then learn programming (like C++) on the side — never too young to learn that stuff. If not, you can try Neverwinter Nights, which comes with the Aurora Toolset, or NWN 2, which comes with something similar. You can design your own adventures that way. You could also get a hopefully free version of UnrealEd and do some level design. Hope that helps.

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