Nipples! The Witcher UK

For those of you who aren’t in the know, the PC game the WITCHER came out in the UK on October 26th and came out today in the US. The two versions have one subtle difference. The UK game includes pictures of women in the nude.

We can chalk up this difference to the puritan morality that still pervades much of the US. I think it’s more a question of what you’re used to. Once upon a time, I watched the original British version of Queer As Folk. Let’s just say it’s a bit graphic. Now I wasn’t scandalized by what I was watching, but what I couldn’t get over was that it appeared on the public airwaves. Plunged into the depths of cognitive dissonance, I couldn’t stop repeating, “They put this on television?” Clearly the US and Europe are on different pages.

When Sande and I worked on the WITCHER and came across his multiple sexcapades, we were amused by the idea. We admittedly had a few discussions on the appeal of the WITCHER’s main character, Geralt. A man who can’t get a woman pregnant, nor could he give her any disease, he has lots of experience and is certain to be out of your hair within a few days. Draw your own conclusions 😉 However, for the part of the Witcher we worked on, our job was to make the language consistent with Sapkowski’s fantasy world. Although we had nothing to do with “taking out the dirty bits,” the decision certainly makes business sense.

Ultimately, if you want nipples, there are plenty of places to see them. I’m just sayin’. However, if you’re American, you want to save a few dollars on the exchange rate, and don’t want to be plunged into the cognitive dissonance of thinking, “They put this in a game?” go ahead and get the US version. We don’t judge.

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