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You’re a long-time reader, and you’ve noticed something missing.  Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but it’s there, gnawing at you, the unanswered question: Where are all the posts about Gamasutra articles?  Fear not, reader, because I haven’t forgotten — I have been saving up for one big blow-out! From game design to team building, here’s what Gamasutra reported in the past month that matters to game writers and the developers who tolerate them.  Check out the links, then come back and argue with me about my take 😉  

MIGS 2007: Jonathan Blow On The ‘WoW Drug’, Meaningful Games
Blow thinks games should give players challenges to work through and choices to make.  Could he be talking about the non-trivial moral choices that story-driven design can provide?  Hmmm…

Working Without Crunch
Instead of the old pyramid of time, money, and quality, how about time, scope, and resources?  Writers can help reduce scope without sacrificing quality, and outsourced writers are a great resource when your core team is pressed for time.  But you already knew that.

Gas Powered’s Swanson On Managing Next-Gen Artists
Swanson discusses the difficulty of finding managers who can handle artists, or finding artists who can handle managing.  Luckily, those working with writers can turn to the Writers Cabal Blog!

Epic’s Mike Capps Talks Team Building
Capps lowers the boom on running his team at Epic.  When he talked about reducing inefficiency, we know he was really talking about the benefits of outsourcing your inefficient weaknesses, like writing.  To keep relations smooth, he also discussed the three C’s – compliments, concerns, and criticism.  We’re a little disappointed there’s no mention of the feedback sandwich, but he probably ran short on time.

Game Design: Bottom-Up And Top-Down Approaches
Explores two approaches to designing a game: designing from gameplay up, or designing from story down.  I admit, I was so horrified by the idea that story didn’t form the basis of gameplay in the article (!) that I couldn’t read the whole thing.  Run over there and come back and tell us how it ends.

Now that I have blown all possible blog posts for the rest of the year, check back next week to see what we come up with!

Question Mark Guess that game moment! What game requires the hero to fight for “everlasting peace?” Can’t remember? Check back next week to see where it came from.

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