You know you’ve been writing games too long when…

We’ve been building this list for a little while, but when the IGDA mailing list we’re on brought up the topic, we figured it was time to post! So here it is: You know you’ve been writing games too long when…

1. You find yourself using $playername$ in casual conversation. Ex: “Yeah, I wouldn’t wear that dress on a date. It’d be like, ‘Yes, $playername$, I am an idiot.'”

2. You watch a movie, the actor looks into camera, and you think, “Wow, he’s looking right at player.”

3. When you hear the word “shopkeeper,” you immediately have flashbacks of merchant screens.

4. You use medieval-speak when talking to friends, co-workers, relatives and you don’t even notice.

5. You’re doing some research on-line for names and before you realize it you have entered into the search field: “mini boss of nebulousness.”

6. You watch a movie and afterwards, your critique is “That’s totally not re-playable.”

7. You start giving people excessively specific directions. Ex: “Take this dish to the sink in the kitchen, then return to me.” Okay, so this never happened to me, but it’s only a matter of time.

8. You’re trying to recap a linear story for “normals” and you keep saying “player” instead of “the main character.” They look at you strangely.

Got any other moments from the game developer’s perspective? Share so we don’t feel like we’re the crazy ones!

Question Mark Guess that game dialog! What game did this line come from: “Marvelous! Perfect! Perfect! Marvelous! Great! Perfect!” Check back next week to find out where it came from.

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  1. […] Last week’s game line came from Anne’s recent session playing DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION SUPERNOVA. Did you guess it right? More Guess that Game Dialog to come this week! […]

  2. This really happen to me after playing too much RPGs, I think it could apply to writing too much too.

    I the morning just after woke up, my mom ask me something. Instead of think of the answer straightly, some illusionary dialog lines with choices appear in my head!!! And I even think of clicking on the choice I chose before saying it out!

    Yeah!! So freaky hilarious when I thought about that day.

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