April Fools fun — MMO content and design

Last week we asked for good and bad examples of story in MMOs, and Courtney brought up GM events in Everquest that got the players riled up.  As luck would have it, April Fools saw both real and fake in-game fun.  Adding content in-game isn’t easy, so kudos to those who actually put a little fooling in-game. 

Here are just a few examples of April Fools fun: 

EQII – An in-game companion box

Puzzle Pirates – You can purchase noses at the palace shoppe

A ton of other games issued April Fools press releases, which included full-on concept art.  While most of them made an attempt at much-needed humor, they missed an opportunity to tie it to their game story.  Games do take advantage of the publicity opportunities seasonal events like April Fools provide, but they don’t use that publicity to attract players to the story.  EQII even tied it into another game’s story!

Although as far as I know they didn’t actually put anything in-game, I’d say the winner this time out was CoX.  They announced that the sound effects would be replaced with visual sound effects like “Pow!”  They’re very much in character for the game world and simple and easy for non-players to understand. 

Did you like any of the other announcements better?  What was a must-see?

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