What type of gamer is everyone else?

We often talk about writing and designing a game for each gamer type, especially Bartle’s Player Types.  Now’s your chance to find out where you lie.  GamerDNA has hit 500,000 tests today and offers visitors a way to learn about their playstyles.  What’s interesting is that the site offers a way to chart the aggregate of everyone’s tests.

So far, of Bartle’s original Four, explorers are the highest at 38.1% of players.  However, I think this result is skewed, because explorers might be twice as likely to explore taking such a test!  Socializers are the lowest.  I don’t know if you get an output you can easily share when you complete the test (the site is lagged due to Kotaku traffic), but if not, that could be why socializers are low.  Surprisingly, achievers come in second to last at 19.1%.  Perhaps the presence or emphasis on multiplayer FPS makes the survey skew toward “Killers” who come in second at 29%.

In addition to the Bartle’s Test, there’s also the “Decades of Influence,” and FPS and RTS multiplayer style tests.  Wait a day or so until they’ve got their servers back in order, then go over there and check out your style.  Learned anything surprising?  Share your results!

Next week: Stay tuned next week for a humorous look at game writers — our first collaborative post with writer Chris Avellone, who draws a mean stick figure.

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  1. Yep, you get a little graphical widget you can use for signatures or post on blogs when you complete a quiz. Thanks for discussing it here!

  2. Then I don’t know why socializers are low. I guess I should check back in several weeks and see if the distribution has changed. Maybe there just aren’t that many socializers out there in game world!


  3. Well, I also got “Explorer”, with a strong “Achiever” and slight “Socializer”, with almost no “Killer”. Makes sense to me.

    One problem I have with the Bartle types is that they seem to encompass different things. Like, Explorer encompasses knowing about storylines and “lore”, but also learning strategies and actual exploring. While Achiever encompasses gaining levels, but also collecting items. Personally, I don’t really care about showing off my “level” to other people, but the lure of collecting things is very strong! (I may have gotten one or two of those things in the wrong category, but I think my point still stands.)

    Of course, the really great thing about the Bartle types is that they were derived empirically! But maybe we need more research…

    I got “1970s” in “Decades of Influence”, which is interesting. I grew up playing classic arcade games like Tempest, Centipede, Robotron 2084, Zoo Keeper, Black Widow…so that makes sense.

    For “FPS” I got “Shock Trooper”, but that’s probably because I don’t have the patience to learn FPS strategies, I just go in and shoot stuff.

    For “RTS” I got “Turtle”, which means that I concentrate on building up my base. Yes, it’s true…many times I’ve thought, during an RTS, “I could really make a cool base if people would just stop attacking me!”. There need to be more “fantastic” simulation games, like…SimWizard’sTower. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  4. Hey, John. Bartle actually updated his player archetypes a few years back, and there are now 8, including, I believe, collector as an archetype. The original four come from MUDs. I guess GamerDNA missed the memo 😉

    As for what I got, dude, every time I start taking the quiz, it gets jacked. I’m starting to take it personal. Glad you were able to get a result.

    I met someone who makes Tower Defense games in Finland last week. Apparently that is its own genre. You should check it out.


  5. I had no idea about the new 8-type model, I’ll have to pick up a copy of his book sometime…

    And yes, I’ve heard a lot about Tower Defense games. I’ve played them, but somehow they don’t really move me. I think it has to do with the fact that they’re so focused on tactical maximization, and that the towers you place are never really that cool-looking. Hmmm…

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