Top 10 best and 5 worst titles for games

Looking for a list of the top ten games? Keep looking! Today we’re judging games on a different criteria: their title. Following up on last week’s post on how to title your game, here’s a list of the top 10 titles for games followed by the 5 worst titles.


10. Dead Space & Left 4 Dead (tie)
Regarding Left 4 Dead, “A perfect concise description of the game and the experience of playing it. I love their B-movie in-game posters too.” – Michael Abbott, the Brainy Gamer

9. Rocky’s Boots
A serious game with a sneakily entertaining title

8. Resident Evil
It sounds serious, important, and menacing all at once.

7. Peggle
“Peggle is adorable so I wanted to play it.” – Tamir Nadav, Vigil

6. Day of the Tentacle
“It sounds funny while evoking an old-fashioned, kind of 50s horror movie feel.” – Tracy Seamster, The Agency (SOE)

5. Master of Magic (aka MoM)
“When you win the game you see a little cutscene with your wizard saying ‘Having conquered the worlds of both Arcanus and Myrror I am truly the one and only Master of Magic!’ So that’s neat. ;)” – John Evans

4. Fallout
Evocative and a favorite title of Zeb Cook, Stray Bullet Studio

3. Civilization
“It is a simple title that very much sums up what the game is all about. If they had gone more complex, it would have sounded weaker.” – Bruce Harlick, NCSoft NC

2. Psychonauts
“Because it’s frikkin’ cool (psychic nauts!). Say it though… /phyyycchoooonnaauuutttsss/! What other name lets you have so much fun saying it?” – Andrew Armstrong

1. A Mind Forever Voyaging
“A Mind Forever Voyaging just has a wonderful wistful quality to it. In a way, it captures the essence of the gamer — a mind forever voyaging. It’s also a Wordsworth reference.” – Tess Snider


5. Tabula Rasa
Literally means “blank slate,” so not inspiring. That said, it is also a favorite title for some.

4. American McGee’s Alice
No one likes a show off 😉

3. Irritating Stick

2. Infinite Undiscovery

1. Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3
“Bloody stupid name!” – Jake Simpson, Linden Labs alum

Honorable Mention:
Dead Unity, which never shipped

What’s your take on the list?  Did your favorite make it or not?

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  1. Wow, I wasn’t expecting to be quoted…but hey, that’s cool. 😉

    I kind of like “Irritating Stick” because it really does describe the gameplay. It just doesn’t make you want to PLAY the game…

    That’s all I have to say, I guess I agree with the rest of those choices. 😉

  2. Fun stuff! Finding a good name for a project can be very difficult.

  3. What about all the title incarnations for Legendary:the Box (or as 1upFM likes to call it, Legendary:the Box:the Game:the Box). That would definitely make my top 5 worst titles of all time.

  4. Why would you say American McGee’s Alice is a show-off? What about Sid Meier’s EVERYTHING?

    😉 Nice list.

  5. Legendary: the Box the Game the Box is funny. As for Sid Meier, I did consider him as well, however Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri was someone’s favorite title because the acronym spells SMAC! Otherwise he would have been right in there!


  6. You should see my 2 1/2 year son play Left For Dead. I am going to make a video of him very soon. It is truly amazing.

  7. What about “Diablo”. The best game and awesome title.

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