A Collaborative Spirit

In the past, we’ve written about collaboration and in particular, ownership, compromise, and consensus.  So, it may not be a surprise that our blog posts are also a collaboration.  As was mentioned in the recent Narrative Design Exploratorium interview, we review each other’s work and pass documents back and forth.  And we’re not alone.  This work process was mirrored in the recent push to create a Game Design Special Interest Group for the IGDA and was more fully described by Altug Isigan on the IGDA Game Design forum.

In such a situation, the question of authorship is tricky.  The document, even if it was started first by someone and finished by another, was written in collaboration.  The only understanding is that it – the document, blog post, game, etc. – was written by everyone involved.  That’s the magic of collaboration.  You get more than just the sum of all parts.

However, it’s come to our attention that some of our blog readers need clarification as to authorship.  So, for clarity’s sake, let’s state that:  Writers Cabal Blog is written by Writers Cabal.  It’s Anne’s blog and it’s Sande’s blog.

We understand, though, that when we write about personal experiences, people may want to know whose they are.  For those situations, we’ll have a “Posted By” to avoid confusion.

Remember, we’re having a dialog with you!   So don’t hesitate to give us feedback on the blog.

This post brought to you by Writers Cabal, a game writing and design partnership.

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