Your turn! What’s your game year in review?

Game developers love those post-mortems, and we’re no exception.  As the new year approaches, we compile a year in review so we can assess what went well, what went crazy, and everything in between.  We post our efforts on New Year’s Eve, highlighting some of our best blog posts and successes as the second year of the Writers Cabal comes to a close.  This year, we don’t want to do it alone, and if you lend a hand, there just might be a little something in it for you (hint, hint).

Now’s your chance to review us.  What’s your favorite blog post or series?  What did you think was missing?  What could we add more of?  What are our greatest successes this year, in your opinion?  Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!  You can even post anonymously.

But a blog is not just about us — it’s a two-way street.  We want to know what your year in games has been like.  Ship a game?  Mastered a challenging program?  Tell us!  Share with us your successes in game development, even if it’s just getting home before 10pm one night.  Which games did you love, or love to hate?  Anne is playing Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for DS while Sande is queueing up Robocalypse for DS and playing Fallout 3, Prince of Persia, Resistance 2, among others.  What’s in your console or PC right now?

Toot your own horn, and let’s bring in the new year right!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

This post brought to you by Writers Cabal, a game writing and design partnership.

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  1. Back in February I released (with the help of a co-conspirator) Aching Dreams, an adult Flash game (link SFW even if the game isn’t!). It’s been well received, so there may be similar things like that in the future…

    My favorite Writers’ Cabal blog post was probably Time to penis quest, because it was a fun writing exercise. I’d love to see more exercises like that. (And I promise the rest of this post will not have anything to do with sex!)

    In November I read an article by Greg Costikyan describing Elven Blood, a Facebook game. It seems to me there’s a lot of potential in these games, so I’ve been looking into creating them.

    In September I downloaded and played Spore as soon as it was released (using EA’s digital download service). I played it nonstop for about a week, really enjoying it…then I left and haven’t come back to it since. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

    Last year I bought this game called Soul Nomad and I couldn’t get into it. This year I decided to get my money’s worth, so I bought a strategy guide and attacked it. By now I’ve spent dozens of hours on it and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. A couple of other games I’ve spent a lot of time on and enjoyed: Rune Factory (a spinoff of Harvest Moon) and Persona 3.

    All in all, a pretty good year, I’d say. 😉

  2. Sweet! My friend wrote a book with a subtitle “Porn and Pong” which might interest you. He’s doing a signing at CES. I should pick it up and read it so I’m knowledgeable.

    I’m with you on the Facebook games — I’m very interested in seeing how they pan out. Will you be programming the Facebook game, too, or will a conspirator take care of that 😉

    I’ve had enough people comment on Persona 3, so I should definitely check it out, too.

    What’s up for next year, besides Facebook?


  3. Hi John,

    I’m actually writing an article on those Facebook games… done the research, just need to get it written!

    – Sande

  4. Well, I’ve already read “Sex in Video Games” by Brenda Braithwaite, which is very well researched, but perhaps another perspective might be good too…

    The truth is that the Facebook games look pretty similar to the web-based games I’ve been doing on my own for amusement/experimentation/training. So I’m pretty sure I can handle the coding by myself, at least…and probably most of the other stuff.

    I do recommend Persona 3, although Persona 4 is out now, and it might be even better (I haven’t played it yet). Then again, because 4’s out, you might be able to get 3 cheaply. (They’re both PS2.)

    Sande, I’d love to read the article; it’s always good to get another perspective to see if I’ve missed anything important in my own “research”!

    Beyond Facebook, AD2 and maybe the Global Game Jam, nothing is yet set in stone for 2009…the possibilities are wide open. 😉

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