Writing for Fantasy Game Worlds — the movie!

The Writers Cabal and the IGDA NYC presented a wonderful panel on writing for fantasy game worlds last month. Here’s the introduction to the panel and soon, we’ll show the video highlights!

Of course, you can also read our own write-up.

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Zork: A Love Story

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A retrospective on Zork brought back many fun memories — all without the benefit of graphics. It’s interesting to think about what we’ve inherited from those earlier games. It was one of the first games to include a villain who was actually a character, rather than an “anthropomorphic obstacle.” The thief worked against the player and at one point, you could exploit him to solve a puzzle. Even today there seems to be a tendency to put in obstacles without real character or story behind them. To some extent, this is due to game design time constraints, but not always.

The initial Zork games were also praised for their writing and humor. Nowadays, you’d have to wonder if most would be willing to slosh through so much text. Text MUDs still exist, of course. However, the biggest inheritor of Zork’s text love has to be the Bioware games. It just goes to show that not all gamers are graphics-only players. We have Zork to thank for that.

What other games or gameplay do you think Zork has influenced?

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