Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing is live!

Behold its beautyIt’s out!  We contributed to the Game Writers SIG book, Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing and it’s now available for purchase.  Whether you’re a game writer or a game developer, you’ll find this book of interest as it covers collaborating with writers and working with writers on contract.  In fact, we think you’ll like it so well, we’re going to pass along to you the friends and family discount.  You’ll get 30% off, but it’s only good till May 31st, so get truckin’!

Order our book or anything else at and use the discount code Friends.  Anything else about collaborating with writers you’d like to know?  Stay tuned next week for more tips on working in a team!

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  1. I have been researching about IT Staff Outsourcing business model. Can anyone suggest me the future of IT Staff outsourcing business model?

  2. […] to avoid when writing in a team You’ve already got the book — that’s Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing – and you’re anxious for more.  Whether you’re a game writer, or you’re a […]

  3. Just ordered my copy with your discount code. Thanks so much!

  4. Woot! Hope you like it!


  5. […] week I talked about two problems of collaborating in a writing team, in honor of our chapter in Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing.  Of course, these problems can appear anywhere and any time in game development.  Here’s […]

  6. […] happy to donate to the cause.  You can bid on certificates for free copies of Ranch Rush, the book Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, and a very special copy of The Witcher (UK) autographed by Writers Cabal and CDProjekt RED.  I […]

  7. […] The interest was so high that the publishers even brought down the first IGDA Writers SIG book, Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing and sold those too.  In a rare instance, my co-author David Michael and I also signed our book, […]

  8. […] we still have our games, like Wizard 101, and books (Professional Techniques for Videogame Writing and Writing for Video Game Genres) out there, we have decided to keep the blog up and we may update […]

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