Wizard 101 goes live!

Woohoo!  Our latest effort, Wizard 101, went live last week!  Aimed at tweens, this fantasy MMO has been entertaining adults as well.  You play a young wizard who must battle against a dark force across several worlds, all the while learning to fight magical battles similar to a collectible card game.  Whether you have a young’un itching to play a wizard, or you are, you should check it out.  Sande and I played together using voicechat over Skype (yes, odd choice) and had a great time.  For a limited time, players can subscribe for a year for only $60, and the first level is free to play.  So grab a buddy and go for a spin!

Check out user comments on this 1up review to see if it’s for you, or explore extensive notes from a beta and current player at West Karana. Interested in gameplay?  Take a look at this sped up boss battle:

Have you played yet?  See you in class!

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  1. Congrats, it is a great game. I grabbed 3 year-long subs for me and my kids. We are really enjoying playing together as a family.

  2. Sweet! Glad you’re enjoying it. Love your site name, btw.


  3. “Our” game? Are you one of the masterminds at King’s Isle? I’m very impressed with Wizard101. It’s a blast to play, it has strong design, and it looks great. Maybe I’m not the target demographic, but I applaud what you’ve done with the game. Many happy wishes for King’s Isle!

  4. To clarify, Anne and I were contract writers on Wizard 101. That’s what Writers Cabal does – we write games!

    – Sande

  5. Hi Tesh! We were brought in on contract to contribute our writing expertise and some additional quest design to the game. I have to agree — it is a blast to play, and the people at KingsIsle deserve the credit! Enjoy and have fun 🙂


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  8. hey wats up i just wanted to tell you that i think wizard 101 is a great game but when it comes to paying for those subscribe areas it’s not. I cant do anything now. there are no quests unless i can go in the subscribe area. you shoudln’t have to pay. you should be able to go wherever you want.

  9. Hi Jack! Glad you like the game. It would be nice if the entire game were free, but if it were, I think KingsIsle would go bankrupt and the game would shut down. That doesn’t sound very fun, does it?
    Being able to play part of the game for free is pretty cool, though. I was able to buy a unicorn while playing for free!


  10. Hi Jack! I believe if you continue to go up in levels, then you will get more quests from your School Professor.

    – Sande

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  13. plz come to my wizard 101 blog spot plz i need some followers to get it going better

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